In just under 46 minutes, I'll help you get your thinking cap on straight.  I'll show you how to view the internet for what it is and how to harness it's power...

This CD is not about some unique trick or strategy or concept.  It's all about how to think about the internet, how to think about what you sell on the internet, and how to best position yourself to be successful selling whatever it is you want to sell on the net.

You'll want to follow along and take notes as I reveal my P.I.R.T. formula for guaranteed success on the net.

And I'll be giving away a brand spanking new, state of the art, blazing fast Dell notebook (with a gig of RAM, huge hard drive, and lightning fast DVD player/recorder) to one lucky marketer that downloads and listens to my free gift. Check out the specs below!...  I give one of these away on the first and third Tuesday every month. This is my way of saying "Thanks for listening!" :)

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Michael T. Glaspie

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Dell Notebook specs!


Windows Vista - The world's Premier operating system for running the widest variety of applications and games!
Microsoft Works - Essential word processing and spreadsheet applications for business and home use!

1.6ghz Dual Core / Dual CPU Intel Core 2 Duo with 2mb l2 cache - Lightning fast processor runs calculation-intensive projects, even multiple applications with ease!
1GB DDR RAM - Lots of RAM is important for manipulating large files (like databases) and running today's high-powered games. This'll handle just about anything you can throw at it!
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Note: Specifications may change slightly from time to time based on availability. However, the quality of your laptop will always remain outstanding!

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"I just listened to your 'I Have a Gift For You' audio CD. It is great! your secret to success sounds really good advice too. I am amazed with the PIRT qualities you outline. I am encouraged and feel sure my site and goals contains them all.

"My very new website is I was going to create or somehow get an e-book that I can give away so I can get peoples names etc. Your offer of a free downloadable sounds just great."


"I just want to take this opportunity to THANK you for such an informative audio! I have watched numerous videos, listened to numerous audios and this by FAR has been the greatest! You have such a kind and sweet spirit about you, I felt an awesome sense of security just by being in your "Vocal" presence, WOW! I normally do not open emails such as yours because it's usually an X rated offer, but something told me to do it anyway, and I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am that I followed my gut feelings!

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Sylvia Jones

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"THANK YOU for the brilliant mp3 audio, which I listened to right away, and then saved to disk in order to listen to it again and again!

Mike Scott

"Just wanted to say thanks for an absolutely wonderful CD.

"Not only did you have me smiling but actually clapping at the end. I'm still trying to get some clarity of direction etc. But without a doubt will keep your offer in mind. You make me realize how much I miss the 'shakers and movers' in the United States.

"Thanks also for the fast return e-mail."

Best regards,
Tom Rossetti (from the Land of Smiles)

"There are a few people on the internet who truly want to help the average man to succeed. One of them is Mike Glaspie, aka Mike G, who has helped many persons to realize their business dreams.

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